Legal Assistance / Inspection Services / Feasibility Studies

Madison Children's Museum

Huffman Facility Development was engaged in June, 2015, to perform a project feasibility study for expansion of the Madison Children’s Museum. Weekly meetings with museum administrative staff were conducted to gain a thorough understanding of perceived facility needs.

Several design consultants were engaged to study existing conditions and to provide architectural concept drawings. A budget estimate was developed and the potential project was reviewed with City of Madison Planning staff in an effort to determine the entitlement approval process. The feasibility study was completed in November, 2015.

The Venue on Guadalupe - Austin, TX

The Principal Financial Group retained Huffman Facility Development to analyze failed building elements and to monitor new construction at this student housing facility.

This engagement began and concluded in 2010.

The Venue on Guadalupe - Austin, TX

National Guardian Life - Data Store

National Guardian Life contracted Huffman Facility Development to perform inspections associated with authorizing monthly contractor payments. National Guardian Life was the lender for this $4 million warehouse and office facility. Construction started in June, 2008, and was completed in January, 2009.

Monroe Commons

As construction of this residential and commercial project neared completion, condominium owners became concerned about vertical noise transfer between units. Huffman Facility Development was engaged by the project developers to review the built condition and evaluate the requirements of the design documents. We then developed and implemented a remediation plan. The project was completed in 2008 to the satisfaction of all homeowners.

Monroe Commons

Legal Assistance / Dispute Resolution

In the spring of 2004 a Lake Geneva private developer engaged a general contractor to construct commercial condominiums at a cost of $700,000. In the later stage of construction a dispute arose regarding scope and financial obligations of the contract. Huffman Facility Development was retained in June, 2005, to interpret the requirements of the contract documents, develop cost-to-complete estimates and monitor remaining construction activities. Construction was completed in January of 2006. However, Huffman Facility Development was retained to support ongoing legal proceedings through 2007.

City of Monona

The City of Monona retained Huffman Facility Development between 2006 and 2011 to provide various construction consulting services.

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